Plastic artist, self-taught, without noticeable influence of any artistic trend throughout his career, always in search of a way to express what is inside. Use your hands to create. Everything that can be seen in his work is impregnated with his fingerprints, establishing a connection between the soft and cold texture of the painting, the stiffness of the material and the warmth of his emotions, which results in a work in which unique sensations are perceived. The artistic trend where we can place this artist is in Abstract Expressionism. Without a doubt, he is a character who as time passes surprises us even more with his ideas, concerns and thoughts loaded with Art, where the limit does not exist.

From his first works, he is characterized by giving free rein to a large dose of energy that flows between the colorful strokes. For him, each work has a meaning and a reason for existing. Any element serves as a support for your creativity without limit, be it cloth, paper, wood, glass, porcelain or any surface that is seduced by your fingers and thus express, with them, your plastic vision of life, fusing color, strength And heat. In short, his work is quintessential vitalist, without dark periods.


Héctor Cubas has been recognized by art critics, who stand out for him, the purity of his colors and the ingenuity of his strokes, defining him as unique.