Being faithful to his ideas and the style that characterizes him has achieved over the years an own and unique identity.

His way of understanding design has led him to develop a different design concept capable of attracting the attention of heterogeneous audiences. 

Héctor Cubas has a unique vision that he expresses through his hands on carefully selected surfaces among the large number of projects that he usually receives from his international clients.

This hard work of paying special attention to every detail translates into achieving exclusive timeless designs that provide each piece with truly unique details, managing to cross borders and become an object of desire in international markets.

Although it is a design concept that has an infinite scope within practically any sector, it has an excellent specialization within Home Fashion, in which, thanks to its design, signature and copyright, it has managed to provide added value with infinite projection.

Héctor Cubas offers an exclusive opportunity to acquire his license to develop truly unique pieces on carefully studied and selected supports by his entire Team of Experts, achieving that the selected companies that have the privilege of enjoying their art incorporated into their products, achieve each year incredible growth thanks to its sales records.

If your company has quality standards to apply for a license, do not hesitate to contact us and our team will evaluate your project, we will be happy to meet you.